About Us

We specialise in top European and Israeli comfort brands for men and women who are searching for something really comfortable for an all-day sightseeing, yet elegant enough for whatever occasion might arise.

For 22 years we have enjoyed carefully selecting suitable styles within wonderful brands to achieve this.

The shoes are made to fit the natural shape of the foot, designed with advice from experienced podiatrists, mindful of the fact that the shoes we wear can aggravate knee problems and backache.

Many of the shoes and sandals have removable cork orthopaedic footbeds that allow deep room should you want to replace them with your own specially made orthotics.

We have remained a small mother and daughter business favoured to our customers’ requirements and give personalised attention whether in our shop in Temple Fortune or on the phone or via our website.

We have a tremendous selection which belies our size – we are more like a superstore – as you will see by exploring our website.