FINN COMFORT 97700 Leather Shoes


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FINNORTHO comfortably soft. Specially for Diabetes. When the disease is diagnosed too late or poorly controlled, it may lead to the possibility of developing diabetic foot syndrome. Vascular and neurological abnormalities frequently damage the foot Neuropathy, decreased blood circulation through arteries of the lower extremities, wounds that do not heal, even amputation of the foot is not uncommon in a diabetic. Well fitted and high quality extra depth therapeutic walking shoes can help counter-act this syndrome before foot ulcers occur or an amputation becomes imminent.If you suffer from repeated foot sores or have wounds increasingly difficult to heal, these shoes might be perfect for you.

  • Normal to wide fit
  • Available on cream colour size 3 – 9, black colour size 3 – 12 and coffee colour size 6 -12 .
  • The foot-bad can be taken out and replaced with custom made orthotics if necessary.

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