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Suave shoes are hand crafted in a small town called Guimaraes just north of Porto in Portugal. Hidden among the rolling green hills near the famous Duro valley, lies our large, bright modern factory, the home of a young and energetic workforce, passionate about manufacturing the best quality comfort footwear, in the softest leathers to the highest standards.

Suave Shoes is one of the brands of Railtons, and we are a very long-established family run business, having been handed down from generation to generation over hundreds of years. Being firmly committed to the interests of suppliers, employees and customers have given the business great strength in service. With renowned attention to detail and an outstanding in-stock and delivery service, this puts the business at the forefront of the market, giving an excellent backup to the quality product range. We are a modern, dynamic and forward-thinking company with a strong focus on leadership and sustainable business growth.

The factory is unique, as the shoes are crafted here, from the very concept in the design room to the modelling and testing, to the selection and cutting of the fine leathers. Where precision is required, the latest technology is used, and where human craftmanship is needed, a skilled workforce works in a bright and clean atmosphere, creating each individual example of a dream for your feet!